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 If you purchased or owned a dishwasher manufactured by Whirlpool, your rights may be affected and you may qualify for benefits and compensation from a proposed class action settlement.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: On April 26, 2019, the Alberta Court approved amendments to the Settlement Agreement. You can read about the amendments here. Most importantly you should review the revised Appendix B (Class Dishwashers – Model Numbers and Serial Number Ranges) and Appendix D (Non-Class Dishwashers - Model Numbers and Serial Number Ranges) to determine if the amendments affect your legal rights.

If you live in Canada and own or owned a Whirlpool®, Kenmore®, or KitchenAid® brand dishwasher manufactured by Whirlpool between October 2000 and January 2006 and containing either a “Rushmore” or “Rush” electronic control board (the “Dishwashers”), then you may be affected by a national settlement that has been reached in a Class Action with respect to past or future overheating events in the Dishwashers. The Defendants maintain that the Dishwashers are safe and reliable and that they were designed with built-in safety features to contain rare overheating events inside the dishwasher. The Alberta Court of Queen’s Bench has not decided who is right. Instead, the parties have agreed to settle the Class Action. The settlement has received preliminary approval from the Alberta Court of Queen’s Bench. Subject to final approval, the following benefits may be available as a result of the settlement:

(a) Certain past expenses related to repairing a Dishwasher; or

(b) Partial reimbursement for purchasing a replacement dishwasher; and

(c) A cash rebate on the purchase of a new Whirlpool®, Kenmore®, or KitchenAid® brand dishwasher.

Certain benefits may also be available to Canadian residents who own or owned a non-class dishwasher containing either a “New Gen” or “Raptor” electronic control board if an overheating event was or is experienced.

 Refer to the model and serial number lists on this site to identify the electronic control board in your dishwasher.  

Class Dishwashers
Non Class Dishwashers 


You must complete and file a claim form by November 25, 2019.

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Opt-out and objection deadline:

Postmarked by *July 26, 2019

(*Supplemental Opt Out Period for Class Members who own or owned Class Dishwashers highlighted as new models or within expanded serial number ranges on Revised Appendix B)

Final approval hearing:

The hearing is scheduled for September 18, 2019 at 8:45 AM at the Alberta Court of Queen's Bench, Edmonton Law Courts, 1A Sir Winston Churchill Square, Edmonton, AB, T5J 0R2.

Claim Submission deadline:

Filed Online or Postmarked by November 25, 2019

Review the Notice of Certification and Settlement for more information.